Children of Sodomy

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Children of Sodomy

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After each annoying piece of clothing was removed the black haired male flung them to the side and out of the way. Eye’s that capture a person’s heart with their exotic shape and female like characteristic’s, turned nearly animal like. Sana not looking away from the blonde male once. Catching every moment of him like a predator does his prey.

Each kiss Sana returned passionately, his desire for the male almost unbearable. As the other laid down in front of him, Sana looked along the other’s slender beautiful body. Immediately wanting more and more. Breifly the passing thought of their guest caught his attention. But before he could make an attempt to tear himself from Ryousuke to check on the white haired male, he was pulled forward slightly. Turning back to the bassist, Sana looked down to watch Ryousuke pull down his pant’s. Sana smirked to himself before returning the other’s kiss and lowering himself with the bassist as he fell back against the bench.

Palm’s pressed against the bench to keep him hovering above Ryousuke, Sana took a moment to breathe once the kiss ended. Keeping his mouth close to the other’s while he moved to position himself correctly between Ryousuke’s spread leg’s. Moving so that the head of his throbbing organ poked at Ryousuke’s entrance. More just to tease his lover but a cruel trick to himself as well. His breath hitching slightly each time the sensitive head rubbed against it. After Sana had felt that both he and Ryousuke were ready, the male pushed pass. Gasping as Ryousuke’s tight hole squeezed along his length, and the males muscles applied pressure to every side of his sensitized penis. After he felt his lover relax, Sana pulled out slowly and pushed in again, stabbing further. Repeating again each time slowly.

Using one arm to support himself, Sana lowered his right hand between the two of them to Ryousuke’s erection and squeezed it. Reenacting the action that he’d just experienced, with his hand. Moving it slowly, then faster to match his quickening thrust’s.

Kaze was almost disappointed when Ryousuke noticed him and continued without anything else. Even though Kaze watched almost stupefied as the bassist stretched himself for his lover, that certainly was not disappointing.

To his satisfaction he noticed Ryousuke’s wave and permission for him to join them. Kaze followed the bassists’ hand along the smooth skin of the guitarist’s back, continuing after his hand had stopped, and moving on to the male’s ass.

Not a moment longer was spent sitting on the bench. Kaze got to his feet and walked towards the two males. Watching with even more excitement as he observed the guitarist move with gentle thrust’s into Ryousuke. Light moan’s coming from the two tangled lover’s. To think it was now Kaze’s turn to take part. The drummer’s mind reeled with the thought. But before he consciously thought about it he was standing behind the guitarist. His hand’s reached out and tingling from the feeling of running his finger’s along Sana’s smooth sides and sexy thigh’s. Curving around to cup his cheeks.

The sudden feel of hands on his sides was not as suprising as it should have been. Sana really doubted that the young teenage boy with hungry eye’s could stay tied anywhere longer than he ‘really’ wanted. So when he felt Kaze’s hand’s reach his ass, he grinned and slowed his thrusts. Taking the time to lean forward and kiss Ryousuke’s neck. The bend giving Kaze more than enough extra access.

With a deep breath Kaze held Sana’s hips and pushed into him with one powerful thrust.

“ unh…”Sana gasped, squeezing Ryousuke in his hand, and digging his nail’s into the wood of the bench at the sudden intrusion. After a few shallow breaths and taking notice quickly of the white haired male’s calming kisses along the side of his neck. Sana continued their movement by pulling out of Ryousuke slightly and backing further onto Kaze. Listening with satisfaction as the tall male groaned deeply. Suddenly unsure if he could handle the double pleasure, Sana paused to try and steady himself. But with a few strokes along Ryousuke’s length, Sana began to move, making a speed and pattern that Kaze could follow. Before very long a quick and demanding speed had been reached.


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